Hydrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide plant

Market Sector: Chemical and Energy | Client: Solvay Interox Pty Ltd | Location: Banksmeadow, NSW

Project Summary

Lycopodium provided engineering, procurement and construction management services for the expansion of the Banksmeadow Hydrogen Peroxide Plant from the current 17.5 ktpa capacity to 24 ktpa capacity.

To increase the capacity of the plant, four areas needed to be addressed:

  • Hydrogen Plant – Installation of a new 4,000 Nm3/hr Hydrogen Plant that was fabricated in the US and shipped in modules. Integration with existing piping and services and a new MCC building.
  • Oxidation – Installation of a new 15,000Nm3/hr air compressor. Design and erection of a new air compressor building tied in to the existing building along with utilisation of existing high voltage power.
  • Extraction – Installation of an extraction column and coalescer adjacent to the existing structure with modifications to the structure to allow access to the top of the extraction column.
  • Alkaline Reversion – Installation of a new reversion process integrated into existing plant facilities.

Lycopodium’s scope included:

  • Project scope definition, preliminary design and capital cost estimate.
  • Process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation and control detailed design.
  • Procurement and construction management.
  • Site technical support for construction and commissioning phases.
  • Hazardous area dossier preparation and submission.