Flammable Manufacturing Room Design

Market Sector: Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology | Client: Perrigo Australia Pty Ltd | Location: Balcatta

Project Summary

Perrigo Australia, formerly Orion Laboratories, manufactures and distributes over one hundred healthcare products throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Founded in 1985, Orion had grown from a small specialty brand manufacturer to a leading Australian-based pharmaceutical manufacturer of hospital, retail and community products. In March 2010, Orion was acquired by Perrigo providing the company with a global presence and product portfolio.

Now the Perrigo Group of companies continues its expansion and has business in growing private label store brand pharmaceuticals, infant milk formula, hospital and community.

As part of its operations, Perrigo wished to increase its capacity to manufacture flammable (mainly alcohol-based) pharmaceutical products and to upgrade the safety of their production in a purpose-built hazardous area and fire rated room.

The project presented many design challenges, including:

  • Being a pharmaceutical process, cleanability and drainability of the piping needed to be incorporated
  • Meeting both GMP and flammable materials handling requirements
  • Design to enable implementation with minimal interruption to existing plant operation
  • The necessity to incorporate existing vessels

Lycopodium worked in close collaboration with Perrigo to achieve a practical design within the available space constraints (via 3D modelling) without compromising process functionality and quality requirements.

Process engineering reviews were conducted to ensure the operability and safety of the facility. A Hazardous Area Classification was also performed along with accompanying drawings.

The fabrication and installation of the flammables manufacturing room has been finalised and commissioned by Perrigo.