Australian Synchrotron Project

Market Sector: Manufacturing and R&D | Client: Danfysik AS | Location: Melbourne, VIC

Project Summary

Lycopodium was engaged to provide engineering services for the Linear Electron Accelerator & the Booster Ring for the Australian Synchrotron Project.

The Australian Synchrotron is a major infrastructure initiative of the Victorian Government. The synchrotron provides a new tool for groundbreaking scientific and industrial research and will help scientists in a range of fields including biotechnology, medical research, minerals technology, and in developing drugs, new materials and micro-machines.

The Synchrotron is a ‘machine’ that circulates a beam of electrons around a circular vacuum chamber, approximately the size of a football field, at near the speed of light, guiding the electrons’ course though the use of magnets and a magnetic field. As the electrons are forced around this circle, they generate light as they ‘pass through each bend’. This light is a high resolution form of x-ray and is used as a research tool to allow scientists and physicists to investigate anything from a single virus protein through to how powder grains interact or what the arrangement of atoms look like on the surface of a material.

Lycopodium was engaged by Danfysik AS to provide project management and installation support for the Linear Electron Accelerator and the Booster Ring used to accelerate and energise the electrons. This work included precision installation of equipment (to the accuracy of 0.05mm), design of equipment installation rigs, design, installation and commissioning of utility services and coordination of subcontractors. Project management services included scheduling and supply of trades labour, industrial relations and safety management as well as local procurement of materials. Lycopodium was also directly engaged by MPV to design and install an Optical Diagnostic Beamline laboratory.

Notable features include:

  • Involvement in leading biotechnology and scientific research project
  • High precision installation
  • Client installation schedule requirements met