Alkaloid Extraction Plant

Market Sector: Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology | Client: GlaxoSmithKline | Location: Port Fairy, VIC

Project Summary

Lycopodium was engaged to provide engineering services for GSK's new Alkaloid Extraction Plant in Port Fairy. The new Alkaloid Extraction Plant has been constructed for the extraction of purified alkaloids from poppy straw. The plant operates in a semi-continuous mode under DCS control.

The new plant is built beside an existing Alkaloid Extraction Plant and will provide the extraction capacity to meet forecast demands.

The plant is constructed in two zones, a dry area for milling poppy straw and a wet area for processing liquid streams.

The building is a precast panel construction with reinforced concrete floors and galvanised steel frame.

The building is also equipped with ventilation to provide a clean working environment and meets all safety zoning requirements. The HVAC system also provides filtered air to the manufacturing areas.

As part of the project, site infrastructure was also upgraded including steam generation, electrical reticulation, mains water supply, compressed air capacity and site access roads.