Lycopodium Process Industries

Lycopodium Process Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lycopodium Limited, a leading Australian project management and engineering consultancy, with offices nationally in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle, and internationally in Canada, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Lycopodium Process Industries is a dynamic engineering company with over 50 years' history of successfully delivering more than 3,500 engineering assignments for our clients, consisting of 600 studies and 2,900 project executions.


Our Aims - Our People - Our Values - Our Projects - Our Goals



Our Aims

We strive to provide innovative, sustainable engineering solutions for clients, in a diverse range of process related industries. We strive to provide a complete engineering service from the study phase through design, procurement, project and construction management to commissioning.

Our People

Design consulting is a service industry and Lycopodium is dependent on its people for the quality of service it provides. Lycopodium is proud of the professionalism and loyalty of the team it has assembled and their achievements in the innovative and cost effective design and construction of projects in diverse industries and regions.

Our Values

Lycopodium personnel endeavour to be the premier solutions provider for our clients, and in doing so will act with integrity, be fair, honest and professional. They will seek to place the client’s requirements first to provide successful outcomes for our clients and for Lycopodium

Our Projects

Lycopodium, while Australia based, operates both nationally and internationally and has undertaken projects and studies in over 50 countries in diverse locations such as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Cote D’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritania, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Senegal and Tanzania.

Our Goals

Lycopodium’s aim is to be the best in the field and believes its success is a function of the success of its clients’ projects. Lycopodium has a proven track record of meeting budgets and schedules and achieving project performance criteria on both large and small projects in any environment or location.